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Welcome to my homepage! I am Wenzhong Yan (颜文忠), currently a postdoctoral fellow at UCLA ECE, working with Ankur Mehta and Jonathan Hopkins. My long-term research goal is to create soft robotic systems that can match the remarkable abilities of biological systems in terms of structural adaptability, physical robustness, and power autonomy. Toward this goal, I leverage Mechanical Intelligence (MI) — embedding sensing, control, actuation, and power into mechanical structures of robotic bodies. I will achieve this MI-based strategy through advanced digital manufacturing methods (e.g., origami-inspired methods and 3D printing). 

I recently earned my Ph.D. degree in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering from UCLA in June 2023. My research interests broadly include origami and soft robotics, mechanical intelligence, structural instability, computational fabrication, smart materials and structures, and wearable devices.

I am always interested in research collaborations, broadly in the fields of robotics, machine and mechanism design, and advanced manufacturing. Feel free to email me.


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